Monday, February 18, 2013

Colorful Corner

I've been busy this long weekend sprucing up a bit.  When you constantly knit, your eyes go blurry and it is easy to overlook the dusty corners.  Although I did knit a little, I've mostly been moving furniture & painting things bright colors.  This bright arrangement in my studio just kind of 'happened' as I moved things from other parts of my home.  I'm thinking it looks quite cozy & that perhaps I deserve a cup of tea & some free knitting time.  Hope everyone is enjoying Presidents Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lovely Little Thing

Weekend Knitting was Successful!  Saturday I finished my cowl.  It was so fun to knit.  5 Rows of German Lace pattern that was easy to memorize.  The yarn was to die for.  Anzula Squishy.  I don't remember the color & lost the yarn label, drat, but let me tell you, It is AMAZING!
I went back & forth with myself about whether or not to save it as a gift, or keep it for myself.  I decide to keep it.  The only other thinks I've made with Anzula ended up being gifts, so this ended up being a gift for myself!!  Score!

Shortly after the ends were woven in and I tied of fondling the lace for a few hours, it was time to start the next project.  What next project?  I didn't feel up to the rows & rows of garter stitch that is Leftie, although I really want to finish & wear it.  OK, so go check Ravelry Queue & favorites.  Has this ever happened to you?  Yarn & Pattern overload that causes you to shut down?  I've kinda been hoarding yarn lately, and most of them I have an idea of what to knit, but Saturday, blank.  Sunday, Blank.  Finally I just cast on some socks to work through the blockage!  Help!  SOS.  Yarn & Pattern overload is scary, especially when one has a 5 day weekend ahead & needs something to sink you knitting teeth into!  I hope inspiration strikes soon!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Socks, Wurms & Weekend Knitting

More projects, hot of the needles!!  January is over, so I've been allowing myself to knit from stashed skeins, rather than using up partials.  The yarn for the green socks was actually the first one I found on Etsy.  It is Luna Grey Fiber Arts Stella in Grass.  A Corridale wool which I have never knit before, but was really great.  Soft, but very sturdy.  I am so happy with how these came out. 

Also, I caved to desire and knit a Wurm.  A new swift that I ordered arrived and, of course, I had to wind a skein right away.  The Madelinetosh for the hat begged to be the first.  I love the double knit brim.  I think all my hats from now on need a double knit brim!

I started this cowl last night.  It is the Lisatra cowl from Sock Yarn Studio & I'm knitting it with Anzula Squishy.   It is a great pattern, very addicting to go round & round & round with dreamy yarn.   Later this month, My LYS is having an Anzula Trunk show, but rumor has it that there is enough to fill the shop!!  Be still beating heart!! lol

Hopefully this sleeping project will see some action this weekend too.  I've had it on the needles for a while & love the way it looks.   Hopefully.  It is only Saturday...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Traditions

Happy Belated New Year!  Alas, I break the unintended silence.  No reason, just busy with holidays, knitting, nesting, etc! 

I have been knitting A LOT and really enjoying myself.  I'm at the age where being a "Grown-up" is still fresh.  I've lived on my own for almost 5 years, but we're still starting new traditions.  Our own traditions.  A personal one I think I will try to maintain each January is to knit only from the scrap stash or on projects I've already started.  I've been trying to knit up loose ends and use up partial skeins and it has been so inspiring!  The special creativity that comes out of using what you have is pretty cool.  You try new color combinations, stitches, stripe patterns and there is a limit as well.  I'm pretty happy with my success so far. 
Used a lonesome skein of cotton, a hand-me-down from  my aunt to make this frame.
Leftover bits of fingering weight to make this totally tubular cowl! 

A bow tie for Junebug,

And hats!  Lots of hats.  I'm hoping to write up a pattern for this.  I knitted three and almost have it written out, however, I am NOT a pattern designer, so it takes extra brain power!

Also, I've discovered the jackpot of awesome hand dyed yarns on Etsy!!  Why didn't I realize this before? There is a special feeling that makers get when you wear/make something yourself.  YOU did it.  It is rare, special, unique.  That is definitely one of the things that I love most about knitting.  But, when you use a really great yarn from a small, independent yarn company, that is like the holy grail!  One of my new favorite shops is Mustard Seed Yarn Lab.  Not only is the name great, and Danielle, the proprietress so nice, talented & helpful, but the yarn kicks ass.  The colors are beautiful & intriguing and I can't wait to try all the different bases.   So far I've completed a shawl with her yarn and she was nice enough to share my project on her blog.  Thanks Danielle!

Be back later this week, there is a lot more knitting to blabber on about!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The In-between Things

In my last post, I mentioned a wandering eye with knitting projects.  Well, I have to confess.  It got the better of me.  The above is a little cowl recently off the needles as a little something for myself.  I love it!  Just a simple linen stick on size 8 needles.  The yarn is Dream in Color Worsted.  It was concerning at first, how stiff this seemed, but after a soak & blocking, it really did relax has a beautiful drape & color.  I am thrilled!  Hopefully this little something will subside the desire to knit things for myself. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Busy Maker

Hello!  I've been quiet, but not because I have nothing to say!  I've just been in the thick of Christmas knitting and really having a great time!  There are 4 projects off the needles, two completely done (above), and 4 more on the needles, and one where the yarn is in the mail! All notes, yarns & patterns are on my Ravelry Page!

I still have the drive to finish all the chosen projects, but I can tell that a week into December, it will wear on me.  You see, I just picked up some new magazines with soooo many things I want to jump right into making.  Those urges must be held away!  Thankfully, it is a perfect fall/winter weekend here, and I have no plans except to knit those stitches!  Hope your weekends are filled with lots of the same!  Coziness, ovens baking yummy things & warming the house, and of course, lots of knitting!