Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Busy Maker

Hello!  I've been quiet, but not because I have nothing to say!  I've just been in the thick of Christmas knitting and really having a great time!  There are 4 projects off the needles, two completely done (above), and 4 more on the needles, and one where the yarn is in the mail! All notes, yarns & patterns are on my Ravelry Page!

I still have the drive to finish all the chosen projects, but I can tell that a week into December, it will wear on me.  You see, I just picked up some new magazines with soooo many things I want to jump right into making.  Those urges must be held away!  Thankfully, it is a perfect fall/winter weekend here, and I have no plans except to knit those stitches!  Hope your weekends are filled with lots of the same!  Coziness, ovens baking yummy things & warming the house, and of course, lots of knitting!

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