Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Traditions

Happy Belated New Year!  Alas, I break the unintended silence.  No reason, just busy with holidays, knitting, nesting, etc! 

I have been knitting A LOT and really enjoying myself.  I'm at the age where being a "Grown-up" is still fresh.  I've lived on my own for almost 5 years, but we're still starting new traditions.  Our own traditions.  A personal one I think I will try to maintain each January is to knit only from the scrap stash or on projects I've already started.  I've been trying to knit up loose ends and use up partial skeins and it has been so inspiring!  The special creativity that comes out of using what you have is pretty cool.  You try new color combinations, stitches, stripe patterns and there is a limit as well.  I'm pretty happy with my success so far. 
Used a lonesome skein of cotton, a hand-me-down from  my aunt to make this frame.
Leftover bits of fingering weight to make this totally tubular cowl! 

A bow tie for Junebug,

And hats!  Lots of hats.  I'm hoping to write up a pattern for this.  I knitted three and almost have it written out, however, I am NOT a pattern designer, so it takes extra brain power!

Also, I've discovered the jackpot of awesome hand dyed yarns on Etsy!!  Why didn't I realize this before? There is a special feeling that makers get when you wear/make something yourself.  YOU did it.  It is rare, special, unique.  That is definitely one of the things that I love most about knitting.  But, when you use a really great yarn from a small, independent yarn company, that is like the holy grail!  One of my new favorite shops is Mustard Seed Yarn Lab.  Not only is the name great, and Danielle, the proprietress so nice, talented & helpful, but the yarn kicks ass.  The colors are beautiful & intriguing and I can't wait to try all the different bases.   So far I've completed a shawl with her yarn and she was nice enough to share my project on her blog.  Thanks Danielle!

Be back later this week, there is a lot more knitting to blabber on about!

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