Monday, October 8, 2012

I did it! Lambtown

Horray, horray!  I finished in time!
Friday, I was knitting furiously while watching This, and this. Both Fantastic films.  Around 11 o'clock with less than 20 rounds, I realize that I don't own the 16" size 6 circular needles needed to decrease up to the neck!  Oh NO!  I went to bed, woke up and drank coffee while weaving in ends and watching The Andy Griffith Show until the yarn shop opened at 10.  Sadly they did not have my side.  WHAT!?  They really didn't have any sizes.  Pressing my luck, I headed over to the chain craft store with little hope that they would have what I needed.  They did!  I rushed home, finished knitting & blocked that baby, then let it rest on the craft room floor under the fan on high all night so it would be dry enough to wear.  Sunday morning was like waking up on Christmas!  I ran in to see if it was dry and it was.  I had actually pulled it off!  The sweater fit perfectly too and felt sooo soft!
Lambtown was really cool.  There weren't very many sheep though, in fact, these were the only two I saw.  I think Saturday was the big event day, Sheep dog trials, Beatles tribute band, etc.  But Sunday had fun stuff too.  World record knitting attempt (failed and very hot), lawnmower races, and best spinner competition!  There were also quite a few vendors who brought fleeces and fiber to sell from a variety of animals.  Very cool and I cannot wait for next year!

World Record attempt.  We were about 1040 knitters short, but I do think it was the most sweaty knitters knitting in the same place at the same time!

And at last, there was this guy.  There was a raffle to win that fantastic rainbow fleece. 

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